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Airport Rules

Aviate Inn is located on an active airport so we take these rules seriously. When visiting Aviate Inn, please abide by all posted rules on the airport property as well as rules outlined below. If you are found to not be in compliance with the rules listed below, your visit, meeting, or event will be cancelled immediately and you will be asked to leave the property. 

  • Please abide by all posted rules.

  • Only drive on roads designated for vehicles.

  • The roads designated for vehicles are taxiways "A" and "B".

  • The speed limit is 10mph.

  • Aircrafts always have the right of way. 

  • FAA rules apply to airport property.

  • Hangar door and mechanics are very powerful and capable of causing severe injury or death. Operate at your own risk.

  • Do not allow children to operate the hangar door.

  • The yellow line in front of the hangar door indicates the safe zone for door opening.

  • Do not park or stand in front of the hangar door while in operation.

Hangar Rules

Limitations & Noise

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