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Airport Rules

Aviate Inn is located on an active airport so we take these rules seriously. When visiting Aviate Inn, please abide by all posted rules on the airport property as well as rules outlined below.

  • Please abide by all posted rules.

  • Only drive on roads designated for vehicles.

  • The roads designated for vehicles are taxiways "A" and "B".

  • The speed limit is 10mph.

  • Aircrafts always have the right of way.

  • FAA rules apply to airport property.

  • Hangar door and mechanics are very powerful and capable of causing severe injury or death. Operate at your own risk.

  • Do not allow children to operate the hangar door.

  • The yellow line in front of the hangar door indicates the safe zone for door opening.

  • Do not park or stand in front of the hangar door while in operation.

Hangar Rules

When visiting Aviate Inn, it is important to adhere to the following hangar rules provided below. We kindly remind you that the facility is located on an active taxiway, and as such, these rules are taken seriously.

  • Ensure all items are securely fastened to prevent them from flying onto taxiways or runways due to wind.

  • Please refrain from adjusting the day and night Murphy beds or the transitional dining table, as they will be set according to the number of guests for the entire rental period.

  • Never leave the balcony umbrella unattended, as it can potentially fly onto the runway or taxiway; when leaving the balcony, retract and securely tie down the umbrella.

  • Avoid opening windows in rooms facing the lower hangar, as they are equipped with alarms that will notify both myself and the authorities, resulting in the immediate dispatch of the police and fire department to the hangar.

  • No smoking (e.g., cigarette, cigars, vapes) allowed in, on, or around the property.

  • Illegal substances are strictly prohibited on the airport premises and our property.

  • No firearms allowed

  • No fireworks allowed

  • Unless specifically reserved for parties or events, no gatherings or celebrations are permitted.

  • Visitors are permitted based on the type of reservation secured, with limitations in place.

  • Please close and lock all doors upon leaving the property. An active security alarm system is in place and instructions are located on the security panel cover.

  • During inclement weather, please ensure all doors are closed.

  • Please close doors when the air conditioner or heater is in use.

  • Security cameras monitor activity 24/7 around the property and lower aircraft hangar.

  • Home goods and supplies are provided by Aviate Inn, with clear markings on items available for guests to take, ensuring no confusion regarding property ownership.

  • Games are provided for entertainment, and it is requested to neatly put them away after use for the enjoyment of future guests.

  • While we appreciate pets, Aviate Inn does not allow pets due to potential allergies and the need for a sanitized environment, ensuring a comfortable experience for all visitors.

  • Kindly avoid dragging furniture, whether existing or brought in for events/meetings, across the floors.

  • Under no circumstances should indoor furniture be taken outside.

  • Only flush toilet paper down the toilet.

  • Please note that our French doors do not offer complete soundproofing, so please be considerate of your conversation volume if privacy is desired.

  • Please refrain from placing luggage on furniture and make use of the provided luggage racks for all guests.

  • Depending on the number of guests, the property may require payment for parking services to ensure proper parking and prevent interference with airport traffic during your event.

Limitations & Noise

Prior to your scheduled visit to Aviate Inn, there are a few additional pieces of information we would like to share with you. These are essential details that cannot be avoided.

  • Location Limitation: Vehicle is required to access the restaurants and grocery stores nearby.

  • Potential Noise: Please note that as an active airport, airplane noise is to be expected. While our space is insulated, it is not completely soundproof. Traffic typically operates from 8 AM to 8 PM, but our airfield remains open 24/7, allowing aircraft to land at any time during the night. Additionally, keep in mind that hurricane season in Florida lasts from June to November, often bringing thunderstorms starting around 3 PM and continuing intermittently throughout the day. We offer complimentary wax earplugs to help reduce noise. However, if you or your guests are sensitive to noise, we strongly recommend considering alternative reservations to ensure a more comfortable experience.

  • Must Be Able to Climb Stairs: There are 20 steps to climb in order to access the condo.​

  • Limited Parking: Kindly be aware that parking space is limited, but we do provide guest parking in the adjacent open grass lot, specifically Lot 109. It is strictly prohibited to park in front of the hangar door, regardless of its usage.

  • Please note that being in Florida means there is a possibility of encountering bugs; we strive to maintain a bug-free environment, but we cannot guarantee it. To prevent bugs and animals from entering the hangar, please ensure that the front door or balcony is not left open, as refunds will not be provided for any bugs or animals found inside or outside the property.

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