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Hangar Rules

When visiting Aviate Inn, please adhere to the following hangar rules below. As a reminder, you are utilizing a facility that is on an active taxiway so we take these rules seriously. So if you are found to not be in compliance with the guest rules listed below, your visit, meeting, or event will be cancelled immediately and will be asked to leave the property. 

Guest Rules

  • Do not allow items to fly onto taxiways or runways. All items with a possibility of being taken by the wind must be properly secured.

  • Please do NOT maneuver or adjust our day and night Murphy beds or the transitional dining table. These items will be set based on the number of guests are to stay in those forms during the entire rental period. 

  • The balcony umbrella should not be left unattended for any reason as it can fly on to the runway or taxiway with the right wind. If you must leave the balcony you are required to retract the umbrella all the way down and tie it before heading back inside.

  • Please do NOT open windows in any of the rooms facing the hangars. They are armed. If opened, first call will be a warning. Any alarm activated from the windows afterward the warning call will cause your visit to be terminated and you will be asked to leave the property immediately and at your own cost.

  • No smoking (e.g., cigarette, cigars, vapes) allowed in, on, or around the property.

  • No illegal substances of any kind are allowed on the airport property, on our property, or outside/inside Aviate Inn.

  • No firearms allowed

  • No fireworks allowed

  • No parties or events allowed unless reserved as such.

  • Visitors are allowed but limited to 12 persons including registered guests. Please note only registered guests may stay overnight on property.

  • Please close and lock all doors upon leaving the property. An active security alarm system is in place and instructions on activating will be provided. We are not liable for any stolen or damaged personal items during your stay. Please note that disarming the security system does not disarm the security on the windows. Only we as the owners control the ability to arm and disarm the windows.

  • Please close all doors during inclement weather.​

  • Please close doors while the air condition or heater are turned on.

  • Security Cameras monitor activity 24/7 around the property and within the aircraft hangar. There are NO cameras facing any part of the living quarters.​

  • Home goods and supplies are provided for your comfort. So please don't take anything that is the property of Aviate Inn. Items that are provided for you to take home will be clearly marked to avoid any confusion.

  • Books and games are provided for your entertainment. Please put them away neatly when you are done using them so our future guests can enjoy.

  • We love pets, but do not allow pets at Aviate Inn as we are a venue in addition to an Airbnb. Our future visitors  may have severe allergies and we cannot guarantee a sanitized environment free of pet dander. This allows everyone to be able to enjoy our space comfortably. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Please refrain from dragging any existing furniture or furniture brought in for events/meetings, across the floors.

  • No furniture located indoors may be taken outside for any reason. 

  • Please be aware this is FLORIDA. We cannot guarantee you won't see a bug here are there. We do our best to make sure the place stay as bug free as possible. Also, if you don't want bugs, mosquitos, spiders, snakes, armadillos, lizards, iguanas, raccoons, palmetto bugs and/or cockroaches in the hangar, make sure you do not leave the front door or balcony open! We do not give refunds for bugs and/or animals found in or outside of the property.

  • Do not flush anything down the toilet other than toilet paper.

  • Please be aware that our French doors to the rooms do not provide a complete sound proof environment. Please be mindful of how loud your conversations are if you are seeking privacy in a shared space accommodation.

  • Do not place luggage on top of furniture. Please utilize the luggage racks provided for all guests. 

  • More than 8 vehicles on the property requires guest to hire parking attendant or people mover to assist with ensuring vehicles are parked correctly and in appropriate zones and do not interfere with airport traffic during your event.

Please take care of our property. We are very proud of it and want to keep it nice for ourselves and our future visitors. Thank you!

* Please note this list is not exhaustive and can be updated at any moment in time as needed.*

Airport Rules

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