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Limitations & Noise

There are a few additional pieces of information we would like to share with you prior to your scheduled stay at Aviate Inn. These are things that cannot be avoided.

  • Location Limitation:  There are plenty of restaurants and grocery stores, but you will need to drive.

  • Potential Noise: You are staying on an active airport, which means you will experience airplane noise. Our space is insulated but not sound proof. Traffic usually starts at 8a and goes until 8p depending on the time of year, however, our airfield is open 24/7 so aircrafts can land at any point throughout the night. Also, not that hurricane season in Florida runs from June - November. You will more than likely encounter thunderstorms starting around 3PM and lasting on and off through the night. We do provide complimentary wax ear plugs to help reduce noise, however, if you or your guests are sensitive to noise, we strongly recommend that you consider staying elsewhere as we'd hate for you or your guests to have an uncomfortable stay.

  • Must Be Able to Climb Stairs: There are 20 steps to climb in order to access the space.

  • Limited Parking: Please note that parking is limited, however, we do offer guest parking in the open grass lot next door to the building, Lot 109, and space behind our building. No parking is allowed at all in front of the hangar door wether or not it is in use. 

  • Please be aware this is FLORIDA. We cannot guarantee you won't see a bug here are there. We do our best to make sure the place stays as bug free as possible. Do not leave the front door or balcony open to avoid animals/bugs coming in. We do not give refunds for bugs and/or animals found in or outside of the property.

Airport Rules

Hangar Rules

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