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My Wingman, Janine LeBlanc

Meet Janine LeBlanc, Founder and Owner of My Wingman and the personal Wingman to Aviate Inn!

Janine, a UCF Hospitality Management graduate, ventured into the hospitality industry and never looked back. Over the years she's been in the business, she has honed her skills, adding value to businesses she has served. 

With her exceptional experience in the bed and breakfast industry, we have no doubt you will enjoy her offerings.

Make sure to secure your reservation prior to your stay with Janine!

Reserve My Wingman today at

"Run-Up" Breakfast

  • Orange or Cranberry Juice

  • Fresh Fruit

Breakfast Special (Select 1)*

  • Eggs Benedict

  • French Toast with Fresh Berries & Caramel Drizzle

  • Buttermilk Pancakes with Syrup

Breakfast Side (Select 1)

  • Side of Bacon or Roast Red Potatoes


Select One: Muffin or Bagel w/ Cream Cheese or Danish

  • Orange or Cranberry Juice

  • Fresh Fruit

  • Scrambled Eggs with Bacon and Toast


Select One:

  • Muffin

  • Bagel w/ Cream Cheese

  • Danish

  • Cold Cereal

  • Oatmeal                       

  • Orange or Cranberry Juice

  • Fresh Fruit

Select One: 

  • Muffin

  • Bagel w/ Cream Cheese

  • Danish

  • Yogurt w/ Side of Granola

*Customized Options Upon Request and Priced Accordingly

Lunch "Charter"*

Assorted Deli Sandwiches On:

White, Wheat, Rye, or Wrap

Tossed Salad or Caesar Salad

Select One:  

  • Potato Chips

  • Potato Salad

  • Coleslaw

Fresh Baked Cookie or Fruit

Refreshment: Iced Tea

*Price is per person based 

Happy Hour "Trips"

Happy Hour "One Way Trip"*

Artisan Charcuterie Board with specialty cheeses and imported meats plus crackers and nuts with either fruit or picked veggies.

*Price is per person based 

Happy Hour "Round Trip" **      Select 2 or Select 3

  • Cocktail Meatballs

  • Stuffed Mushrooms

  • Crab Rangoon with Sweet Chili Sauce

  • Buffalo Chicken Dip or Spinach Artichoke Dip with Crackers

  • Caprese Skewers

  • Chips/Salsa/Guacamole/Queso

  • Deviled Eggs

  • Hummus & Crisp  Vegies

*Price is per person and reflective of serving size selected

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