Periodically throughout the year we will release promotions to celebrate various milestones and to honor and acknowledge the people around us who make a huge impact in our lives both locally and globally.  Please note these promotions are valid only if you book directly through our website.


Military Discount.png

In honor of those who serve or have served this country, we at Aviate Inn thank you for your service. When using this code, please be prepared to provide a copy of your military photo ID (active or retired) with appropriate information redacted upon booking confirmation.

Aviation Discount

For our family and friends working within the aviation industry. Airmen, verification will be confirmed via the FAA databaseNon-airmen, please be prepared to provide other forms of verification (e.g., AMP license), along with valid ID for verification. We ask that sensitive information be redacted that is not necessary for verification. Thank you!

Nomadness Discount

For our Nomadness Travel Tribe family and friends. Membership will be verified via the Nomadness Travel Tribe Facebook page.